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Thursday 23 March 2017

News and features:

Public Records (Scotland) Act - one year on (January 2014)
Scotland's Census 2011 - Release 1B of results (March 2013)
Digital Preservation Training Programme scholarship (March 2013)
Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2013 (February 2013) 
Across the Divide: AJ Balfour and Keir Hardie in 1905 (February 2013)
Cart, carriage and dog tax rolls released online (February 2013) 
Robert Burns' birth record on show (January 2013) 
Public Records (Scotland) Act comes into force (January 2013) 
Hundreds of 'closed' Government files released (December 2012) 
New Registrar General and Keeper of the records of Scotland appointed (December 2012)
First Release of Scotland's Census Results (December 2012)
Early closure of Search Rooms on Christmas Eve and Hogmanay (December 2012)
Christmases Past display 3 December 2012 - 18 January 2013 (December 2012)
Testaments 1902-1925 added to ScotlandsPeople (November 2012)
Armistice display (November 2012)
Red River Selkirk Settlement Bicentenary (September 2012)
Doors Open Day 2012 (August 2012)
More tax rolls and Ordnance Survey name books added to ScotlandsPlaces (August 2012)
Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011 - Consultation Report published (August 2012)
Wallace Tapestries (July 2012)
Special Delivery: The William Wallace Letters (July 2012)
NRS seals Perth's city status (July 2012)
NRS acquires Melville Papers (July 2012)
ScotlandsPeople wills prices reduced (June 2012)
Change of Access to the Historical and Legal Search Rooms (June 2012)
Diamond Jubilee Exhibition (June 2012)
Electronic Records Guidance (May 2012)
National Records of Scotland has a new logo (April 2012)
Vancouver Island clan connections (April 2012)
Titanic Discovery - Passenger's last letter goes on display (April 2012)
Launch of 1915 Valuation Rolls (March 2012)
Leap Year Proposal (February 2012)
Victorian Valentine (February 2012) 
William Wallace document returns to Scotland (January 2012) 
Further 300 'closed' Government files released (January 2012) 
Spirit of Christmas Past - Christmas cards in the archives (December 2011) 
New Edition of Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors (December 2011) 
Armistice Day 2011 - silk poppy (November 2011) 
NRS Adoption Unit merger (October 2011) 
The Real Master and Commander (October 2011) 
St Kilda log books (September 2011) 
Scotland Welcomes archivists (September 2011) 
Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011 (August 2011)
Industrial action - restricted service on 30 June 2011 (June 2011)
Access to maps and plans (June 2011)
NAS and GROS become National Records of Scotland (NRS) (April 2011)
New Ellis Island tartan marks Tartan Day 2011 (April 2011)
Public Records Act - latest news (March 2011)
Closure of West Search Room (February 2011)
Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2011 – FREE TICKET offer (February 2011)
ScotlandsPlaces – new tax rolls and maps added (February 2011)
NAS and GROS to merge (December 2010)
Church court records go online in local archives (November 2010)
Military appeals tribunals records (November 2010)
Lost Vivaldi concerto found in the NAS (October 2010)
Public Records (Scotland) Bill in Scottish Parliament (October 2010)
New papal tartan (September 2010)
Robert Burns Bids Farewell (July 2010)
Archivists’ Garden at ScotlandsPeople Centre opened (July 2010)
Public records consultation (June 2010)
Sir William Wallace in the archives (June 2010)
Public services in the National Archives of Scotland (June 2010)
More historical Government records released (May 2010)
Government protection for ‘Nessie' (May 2010)
ScotlandsPlaces website wins award (April 2010)
The Declaration of Arbroath (April 2010)
Back to the Future (March 2010)
Scottish public records review (January 2010)
More Scottish Government 'historical records' released (January 2010)
Famous Scots - Sir Jackie Stewart (November 2009)
An Open Secret Exhibition (October 2009)
International Right to Know Day (September 2009)
Famous Scot - Tilda Swinton (September 2009)
Brian Cox at the Famous Scots Exhibition (July 2009)
The legacy of Robert Burns (July 2009)
Ten Years of the Scottish Parliament (July 2009)
Eco posters competition winners (June 2009)
Shirley Manson is our next Famous Scot (May 2009)
Year of Homecoming (April 2009)
Famous Scots visit exhibition (April 2009)
The Declaration of Arbroath (April 2009)
Sir James Black - our new famous Scot (March 2009)
The arrest of Lerwick Post Office staff, 1914 (March 2009)
Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2009 (February 2009)
The Mind of a Killer: the Peter Manuel case (June 2008)
The Scottish Register of Tartans goes live (February 2009)
The Big Yin's Roots (January 2009)
ScotlandsPeople Centre opens (January 2009)
Government files now 'historical' records (December 2008)
100th anniversary of a notorious Glasgow murder (December 2008)
Readers' tickets (December 2008)
Archive Awareness Campaign 2008 (November 2008)
90 years on - the records of military appeal tribunals (November 2008)
Taking Liberties - exhibition (October 2008)
Doors Open Day (September 2008)
Scotland for the Cup…in 1978 (June 2008)
Search Room closures on 4 July (June 2008)
Records of the Scottish Parliament launched (May 2008)
Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2008 (May 2008)
Congratulations to Lochaber! (April 2008)
A Short Life in the Sky (April 2008)
Scottish Public Records Review (March 2008)
SRAC hold final meeting (March 2008)
Government files now 'historical records' (January 2008)
NAS to review public records legislation (January 2008)
NAS gets behind bars (January 2008)
Feedback questionnaire prize-winner (December 2007)
Valuation rolls to be digitised (December 2007)
St Andrew seals Scotland's independence (November 2007)
The Foot-Ball Club in Edinburgh, 1824-1841 (November 2007)
Slavery, freedom or perpetual servitude? (November 2007)
Cholera in Paisley (October 2007)
Portraits of a Scottish icon (October 2007)
Non executive directors appointed (October 2007) redesigned (October 2007)
Edinburgh Festival of Libraries (October 2007)
Making the Act of Union (September 2007)
Queen Elizabeth Two (QE2) 40 years on (September 2007)
Licence to print (September 2007)
Freedom and Justice (September 2007)
Challenging slavery (August 2007)
Rosyth Royal Dockyard (August 2007)
Colossus of Roads? (August 2007)
FOI release of Jock Stein file (July 2007)
Conservator/s required for the NAS (July 2007)
Long-lost clan papers brought back to Scotland after 150 years (June 2007)
Two non executive directors required (June 2007)
History made in Lerwick (June 2007)
Plan repair solves boundary mystery (April 2007)
£1.6M secures historical treasure for Scotland (March 2007)
A lass from the past (March 2007)
A Union for a' that (February 2007)
Don't know where to start? (February 2007)
Media focuses on the NAS (January 2007)
The loss of 'Vaila' (January 2007)
"If I can't vote, I don't count" (December 2006)
Mercator maps acquired (December 2006)
Latest addition to our education website (November 2006)
Gentle Johnny (November 2006)
Help us improve our websites (November 2006)
Can you help? (November 2006)
NAS launches new education website (October 2006)
6 millionth image captured! (October 2006)
A bid for freedom (October 2006)
Remembering the battle of the Somme (August 2006)
The NAS hosts Society of Archivists specialist group AGM (August 2006)
150 years of company registration in Scotland (August 2006)
An inspector calls (July 2006)
Hawks yesterday and today (July 2006)
Archives inspire young poets (June 2006)
Refurbished West Search Room re-opens (May 2006)
Presiding Officer visits the NAS (May 2006)
Annual Report published (May 2006)
Livingstone's testament features in charity launch (May 2006)
700 years of Robert I, king of Scots (March 2006)
The smallest will? (February 2006)
North Sea oil files (February 2006)
Keeping things moving (January 2006)
The times they are a changin' (December 2005)
Saint Andrew and Scotland (November 2005)
In the event of my death... (November 2005)

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